Natural Fruit Fusion Muesli

Natural Fruit Fusion Muesli

This is a recipe from our archive. We used to sell this home style natural muesli at supermarkets until 2018 with many fans sad to see it go. In fact we had numerous emails asking about the recipe. So we thought we would share it with you. It's a simple recipe and if you are missing any ingredients feel free to substitute anything similar you have on hand. It only takes a few minutes to put together and you'll love the variety of nuts and dried fruit. 


2 c Oats

¾ c Sunflower Seeds

½ c Pumpkin Seeds

½ c Coconut Chip

¼ c Linseed whole

¼ c Sesame Seeds

½ c Sliced Almonds

¼ c Hazelnuts

½ c Dates                             

1/3 c Sultanas                      

¼ c Diced Apricots  

¼ c Cranberries



Put all non-fruit ingredients into mixer and mix thoroughly.

Use a food processor hazelnuts to break up nuts to half their size and add to the bowl, mix.

Add dried fruit and mix through

Store in air-tight container. 


Here is what our very first muesli packs looked like back in 2014. The two flavours on the right are still best sellers, with the other two dropping from our range in 2017.